GUY HORTON, "The man who uncovered the truth about Burma"

Aung San Suu Kyi released from house arrest. (13 November 2010)…      The EU Parliament demands, amongst other things, an investigation into crimes against humanity and the provision of aid to internally displaced people.(May 2010)...       UN High Commission for Human Rights calls for a UN Commission of Inquiry into alleged possible crimes against humanity in Myanmar.(March 2010)...       UN Call supported so far by Australia (March 2010), Czech Republic & Slovak Republic (April 2010), the United Kingdom (April 2010), the United States of America (August 2010), Canada (September 2010), Hungary (September 2010), France (September 2010), New Zealand (September 2010), The Netherland (September 2010), Ireland (September 2010) and Lithuania (September 2010)...       Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect affirms the applicability of pillar three of the concept the need for "A timely and effective response" to the situation in Myanmar/Burma...       US and Saudi Arabia commit themselves to providing large scale aid and development skills to displaced Rohingya refugees and local communities in Bangla Desh...
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Genocide by killing
Homes burned by the Burmese Army